International Rights


Stefanie Diaz
Director of International Rights

The agency is known for its international rights department, which is characterized by a collaborative spirit and a tradition of strong ties within the international literary community. Its network of co-agents encompasses Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and these relationships span decades. Sales volume has risen steadily, directly benefiting its clients.

As Director of International Rights at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, Stefanie Diaz draws on her knowledge of foreign publishing markets, trend-spotting skills, and editorial experience in representing international rights for Greenburger’s extensive list of authors.

In 2005 Stefanie joined Greenburger in the agency’s Scouting Department; she has represented International Rights since 2009. She began her publishing career as an editor at W. W. Norton. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from Wellesley College, and an M.A. in French History from New York University’s Institute of French Studies.

Sanford J. Greenburger Associates’s International Co-Agents
Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia: Andrew Nurnberg Associates Sofia
Brazil: MB Agencia Literaria
China and Taiwan: Andrew Nurnberg Associates International Ltd.
Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Slovenia: Andrew Nurnberg Associates Prague
France and Quebec: La Nouvelle Agence
Greece: Read n Right Agency
Germany: Mohrbooks
Hungary and Croatia: Andrew Nurnberg Associates Budapest
Israel: Deborah Harris Agency
Italy: Berla & Griffini
Japan: Tuttle-Mori Agency
Korea: Eric Yang Agency
Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and the Ukraine: Andrew Nurnberg Associates Baltic
Netherlands: Sebes & Bisseling
Poland: Graal Agency
Portugal: MB Agencia Literaria
Romania: Andrew Nurnberg Associates Bucharest
Russia: Andrew Nurnberg Literary Agency
Scandinavia: Licht & Burr
Spain, Catalonia, Galicia: MB Agencia Literaria
UK: Abner Stein Agency