Rukhsanna Guidroz

Rukhsanna Guidroz was born in Manchester, England. With a Persian-Indian father and a Chinese mother, Rukhsanna was always drawn to traveling to far away places. After studying French at King’s College, London, and Political Science at the Sorbonne, Paris, she left for the steamy shores of Hong Kong. There, she worked as a reporter for the Hong Kong Standard daily newspaper, and later as a producer of the current affairs show “Hong Kong Today” for RTHK’s Radio 3. She also wrote features for in-flight magazines for China Airlines, Qantas, and Emirates.

A windsurfing trip to the Hawaiian Islands in 1996 changed the course of Rukhsanna’s life. Swept away by the sheer beauty, relaxed lifestyle, and warm climate of the islands, she decided to make Maui her home. Drawn to teaching, Rukhsanna began teaching at an elementary school. She particularly enjoys teaching early literacy and writing, and her students range from kindergarten to high school.

In 2005 Rukhsanna was introduced to meditation and intuitive practices. Both have allowed her to develop her personal growth and her daily writing.

Inspired by all her life experiences from Europe to Asia, and now to Hawaii, Rukhsanna has many written adventures to share.

Rukhsanna’s debut picture book, Mina and the Monsoons, will be coming out with Yali Books in 2018. We will be announcing another book very soon! Stay tuned for more.