Rohitash Rao

rao author photo


Rohitash Rao is the co-creator with Peter Nelson of Herbert’s Wormhole (Harper), which J. K. Rowling called “fast-paced, inventive, engaging and hilarious.” The second book in the series, Herbert’s Wormhole: The Rise and Fall of El Solo Libre, was published in 2012, and the conclusion of the trilogy, Aerostar and the 3-1/2 Point Plan of Vengeance, just released in spring 2013. Ro has worked as an animator, and is currently an animation director of videos and commercials. He appears frequently at schools with the co-creator of Herbert, Peter Nelson, where he teaches delighted kids how to draw G’Daliens. Peter and Ro are now at work on a new series for middle-grade readers, Creature Keepers, which features three kids, seven mythological creatures, one evil genius, and a lot of mange.When Ro is not photographing doll parts in danger throughout New York City, you can find him in Los Angeles, where he lives. For more about Ro, visit www.rohitashrao.com.