Paul Brodeur

RETRIBUTION is a gripping and haunting new work that interweaves two generations of abuse, blurring the lines between culpability and justice and posing questions about forgiveness and hope. Shouldered with the responsibility of caring for his younger brother and grandmother, Eli Martin resorts to skipping school and stealing. Following his malbehavior, Eli is condemned to the Walter E. Fernald State School for Retarded Boys. There, he is abused, poisoned, and the object of harmful experiments. Years later, he seeks revenge on the scientist responsible for his torment by kidnapping his daughter, Madeleine. Over the course of her captivity, Eli and Madeleine find themselves inexplicably and inextricably drawn to each other in a fit of passion that casts a shadow over both of their futures and leaves both wondering how to make peace with the complex web from which their love is born.

Paul Brodeur was a staff writer at The New Yorker for many years; he has published two novels, a collection of short stories, and eight books of nonfiction. His novel THE STUNT MAN received critical acclaim and was made into a movie starring Peter O’Toole, which was nominated for three academy awards.