Naoko Stoop

Stoop author photo

Naoko Stoop was born in Japan and grew up there. “Ever since I was little,” she says, “I have been fascinated with creating art from used things.”  Naoko’s Brown Bag collection came from this fascination. She employs folded or used brown paper bags as her canvas, and creates her images from other materials found around her neighborhood.

Brown paper is not Naoko’s only medium. Her Red Knit Cap Girl series, sold on Etsy, are printed from images painted on wood.

Naoko’s first picture book, Red Knit Cap Girl, published by Little, Brown, was named a New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book of 2012. Naoko is now at work on Red Knit Cap Girl to the Rescue. A third book about Red Knit Cap Girl and her friend White Bunny will follow in 2014.

Naoko lives and creates her art in Brooklyn, New York. You can visit Naoko’s work and world here.