Molly Coxe

Molly wrote and illustrated her first story in second grade at E. Rivers Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia. “It was about a giraffe who was too tall for his room at the zoo,” remembers Molly. “The class painted cardboard sets, and acted it out, and I remember the joy I felt when everyone entered into my story. It was a magical, transcendent moment for me. I had found my passion at age eight!” Molly graduated from Princeton University with a B.A. in English literature and attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she completed her first picture book dummy, What Good is Our Moat? “No one wanted to buy it. The art was pretty terrible,” says Molly, but it got my foot in the door at HarperCollins, and a few years later T.Y. Crowell published Louella and the Yellow Balloon. Since then Molly has written and illustrated more than a dozen picture books. Her favorie niche is early readers, and her three best-selling titles in that genre––Big Egg, Cat Traps, and Hot Dog, have sold more than two million copies. Molly recently sold 5 early readers, The Short Vowel Adventures, to Kane Press. The illustrations are photographs of small animals Molly makes using wire armatures, felt, and found materials. “I’m still like a young child, playing with my stuffies!”” says Molly. She lives in northern California, and southern France.