James Horvath

James Horvath is a children’s author and illustrator with more than 16 years experience creating whimsical and compelling illustrations that convey energy and emotion for a wide variety of clients and applications.

James graduated “Looney Tunes Laude” from the venerable school of Saturday Morning Cartoons, and received his advanced degree in adolescent time-wasting from the esteemed University of Marvel Comics. He also honed his skills through more traditional pursuits, such as graphic design and art direction for agencies and Fortune 500 companies, but that’s a mere subplot. His quirky and odd collection of award-winning characters hop and grunt across the pages of books, magazines and brochures, and dance off the shelves of retail stores. They’ve also been known to pop up — bug-eyed and bewildered — between the pixels of websites and interactive apps everywhere.

When not scratching and scribbling at his drawing table, James plays with his two young sons and beautiful wife, bangs around on the banjo, climbs trees, surfs and generally has a lot of fun. His children are following closely in his footsteps. Both are currently enrolled in the school of online cartoonery, studying Hanna Barbera 101 and asking questions like, “Who is this Pink Panther cat, and why is he so dang cool?!”

Dig, Dogs, Dig: A Construction Tail, is his first of a series of three picture books from HarperCollins.