Dan Wilbur

wilbur photoDan Wilbur is a bookseller and stand-up comedian living in Brooklyn. His writing has been featured on Collegehumor.com, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and The Onion News Network.

How Not to Read (Penguin/Perigee, 2012) helps readers—make that former readers—master literature without ever needing to read another book ever again! The book includes:
• Tips for getting through anything you have to read by just reading every third word—so “Call me Ishmael” becomes simply “Ishmael” and One Hundred Years of Solitude becomes “Many as the Colonel was, that when him ice” Wow! It’s like a Gertrude Stein poem only more comprehensible!
• How to fake it through a conversation about a book you haven’t read
• How to use literary insults to make yourself sound smarter like “The only thing sadder than you is a Joycean epiphany!” or “Your Mama’s so fat, her Dewey Decimal number must be in the 521s… for Celestial Mechanics!”

176 pages of literary jokes! Plus 32 full-color favorites from Better Book Titles.