Charles Wohlforth

Ocean ecosystems, stripped apart by fishing, pollution and climate change, have begun to collapse even in the secret coves of Prince William Sound. Fate of Nature evokes these remote places and the disappearing wildlife there with passion and grace, but also delves below the surface of the crisis to examine the roots of humanity’s relationship to the seas in biology, history, and spirituality. Rather than merely raising another environmental alarm, the author takes readers deep into their own values and motivations in search of answers about how to live and share the planet.  Charles’ previous book, The Whale and the Supercomputer, an exceptional work of non-fiction, was awarded the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Science & Technology.

Charles is currently working on a new project entitled Next Stop: The Colonization of the Moon, Mars, and the Galaxies with astrophysicist Dr. Amanda Hendrix; this exciting book will examine the reality of imminent space colonization.