Candace Ganger

Candace Ganger is a YA fiction writer and marathoner who lives in Covington Ohio. Her newest novel is The Inevitable Collision of Birdie + Bash.

Candace is also a ghost-writer for best-selling fiction and award-winning nonfiction authors such as Jeff Rivera and Daniel Milstein, and a contributing writer for Hello Giggles, a site founded by actress/writer/producer, Zooey Dechanel, with over 700,000k Facebook followers. Candace is a former Assistant Editor for Phys.org, and freelance editor.

When Candace isn’t ghost-writing for other people’s fame, or stress-baking, you can find her running through cemeteries or taming her two children and/or cats Mamie and Baby Kitty while drinking way too many Milky Way lattes. You can follow her shenanigans on the Twitterverse via @candylandgang.